Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Outfit for a Tuesday: Gold Jacket

Typically, this project offers an avenue for unrestricted, narcissistic verbosity, for a river of highfalutin fashion fun, with an occasional lucid or maybe even poetically poignant moment. After spending the afternoon re-creating, by hand, with a computer mouse, in PowerPoint, a line graph illustrating the response of urinary sodium excretion rate to restriction of sodium intake in a normal man, I find myself uncharacteristically silent and shall remain succinct.

I love this gold jacket, featuring embroidered floral texture throughout; it is something I would never have purchased or picked up in a store, so, thankfully, my mother owned one I was able to covertly steal. Jackets with this type of subdued embellishment are perfect for the office, and for a day when you do not actually feel like planning a complete look; yesterday, I tossed this on over a plain, almost tee shirt style but fitted at the waist black dress, added some layered gold necklaces and black suede peep-toe heels and called it a morning. The dress, which is pleasantly versatile, and not actually visible in my amateur photographs, would not normally be ideal for the office, or this still frigid weather; a statement jacket proves useful yet again.

Love the thick taper of these heels; makes them incredibly comfortable. I can even run in them; even after a few ounces of liquid encouragement.

This necklace was a great 3$ find, at a local estate sale; it has a Grecian goddess quality to it, always imbuing me with a, possibly false, sense of elegance.


  1. Great blog. Very interesting and stylish.
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  2. well I certainly love anything that screams "Grecian goddess"-- I blame my Classics background.