Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sex and the Middle East: Banishing Patriarchy with Sexual Liberation

One of my best, dearest, and oldest friends, as in we spent our childhoods together and met at the tender age of seven, and fellow writer, Diana, shared a painfully personal and geopolitically and culturally relevant story today, contributing to the ever expanding dialogue on liberating the women, and the men, of the Middle East. Her words are touching and poignant, and her argument is elegant and founded, echoing the recent waves made by Lebanese feminist and political and social activist Joumana Haddad. I will not tamper with her eloquence, please check out her post here .

Diana is a beautiful, intelligent, introspective, empowered woman, with steadfast ideals, an acute wit, and, naturally, impeccable style and aesthetic tastes. I am extremely proud of her, and all of her accomplishments.

(Joumana Haddad image taken from The Huffington Post)


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