Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Outfit for a Tuesday: The Stars are Beautiful

Feeling as of late as though I have been soporifically soaring in some dream-like trance, after a long weekend and desperate desires for spring weather, intoxicatingly tired and fruitless hopes, I chose this sheer silken top for my Tuesday look: speckled and dotted, the pattern is consistently erratic, like the spread of stars in the midnight sky.

The polka dots are ever so slightly different sizes.

This top has three-quarter length sleeves, which are slightly full and ruffled towards the end. Typically, I close-mindedly write off fuller sleeves, finding them matronly or uncomely, but these are slight and serve to add some flow and movement to the top.

The polka dots are a light cream color, so I paired the top with one of my favorite skirts, a light camel pencil; the skirt hem graces my kneecap and is fitted, thankfully without giving the stuffed sausage illusion. Pencil skirts are perpetually flattering, especially with a neatly tucked in top and a great pair of pumps, but only if the skirt is appropriately sized and proportioned.

The pocket and button details along the back of the skirt create another compelling reason to ensure the ideal fit, a bit hugging, without squeezing or pushing. These accents, along with a subtly suggestive and hinting slit at the bottom, draw the eye to the long lines of the female leg, again, further accentuated when coupled with some higher heels.

I purchased this necklace for a mere 5$ over the weekend while up in Providence; my original intention was to discard the farce cameo completely, and use the chain to repair my broken necklace, which I carped on and on about a few weeks ago. Much to my chagrin, the chain cannot be strung through a majority of the beads, and so, I suppose this necklace will remain intact. My search for a durable gold chain, and a slightly thinner one, continues.

Black suede pumps, with a tall tapered heel; I took advantage for the surprising lack of rain and precipitation this morning. With regards to the artistic allusion in this post's title, if you are at all interested in experimental or short film, seek out the prolific and fantastic Stanley Brakhage; his short "The Stars are Beautiful" is, simply, beautiful, for the romantic, the sentimental, the awe-and-wonder-filled. It visually and verbally depicts a flirtatious game, played between Mr. Brakhage and his wife. Naturally, the dear filmmaker shared this piece with me, and I was touched.

Tuesday morning commute soundtrack: "Lammicken" Braids; "Mad World" Tears for Fears; "The Slow Descent" Colder; "Smelling Cigarettes" the Fiery Furnaces; "How Soon is Now?" the Smiths; "Shine On Heaven" White Magic


  1. Where did you get that lovely pencil skirt? I am on the market for some!

  2. hey love! amazing look for a beautiful tuesday. I'm obsessed with your writing. clean, cleaver, and fun. super glad I'm following you. Don't forget to check out Lauren Conrad's unaired promo to the show MTV decided not to pick up. Exclusively at...


  3. Hey i just found your blog ...lovely choise...love this spacy shirt!
    and the whole look is puuurfect!

    Greetings from germany,
    xx D.


  4. Love this blouse and great total look!!!