Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Outfit for a Tuesday: Inspired by Coco

Over the weekend, I watched the film "Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky"; beautiful film, in short, and I can, and hopefully will, expound for ages on how aesthetically, fashion, design, and music, pristine and impeccable it was. Black and white, or black and cream, were prevalent throughout, both in the character Coco's wardrobe, as well as her Parisian country home's interior.

Trying to decide on exactly what earrings to wear each morning is always an ordeal. Clearly, I have placed myself in a situation such that I am afforded too many options.

I love the low dip of this shirt, a detail which is frequently obscured with the length of my hair.

I find that a simple and casual tee shirt will immediately appear more professional and highfalutin when tucked in, especially with a pair of black dress pants.

Always fixing and playing with my long silk scarves; I adore the updated French stewardess look.

This over-sized watch actually does not work; it is stopped, at a few minutes past noon, or midnight, depending on your perspective. Although I could probably easily find a new battery for it, I like wearing it as a bracelet. I love the large face and gold trim.

If I wanted to translate this look into evening, all I would need would be some red lips; my heels are comfortable, as well as add an element of fun to the more professional pant.

It is a bit hard to tell, due to the extreme length of these pants, even with my long legs, but I am wearing black pumps with an elegantly chunky tapered heel. The pant themselves belong to a larger black suit set, and feature a very subtle texture stripe, which is a nice reflection of the bold stripe of the tee shirt.

I love these earrings; completely versatile, they feature black, gold, and pearl details. What else does a young professional lady on the up and up need? I believe these cost about 3$.

This gold and blue silk Chanel scarf was found for a mere 8$ at a small antique shop in southern Pennsylvania, near the Maryland border. I went tryptophan coma-induced day after Thanksgiving shopping there with my mother, and procured both the scarf and the featured earrings. It was a lucky day.

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