Thursday, March 17, 2011

Outfit for a Tuesday: Fox Hunt

With the oscillating moods and temperaments, and the professional and personal stresses of this week, I have not had as much energy as I would like to work on honing my amateur photography skills and documenting my sartorial endeavors. Tuesday was a bit warmer with a hint of sun, though still brisk, so I greeted the morning with a clean cream heavy knit sweater, from Polo, and a pair of camel brown and hunter green patterned slacks. The last time I have been astride a horse was probably as a small child at some sort of farm fair or field trip, and more likely it was a tired old pony as opposed to a graceful stallion, but this inexperience has never prevented me from borrowing style influence from the more equestrian inclined.

Due to the browns and greens in the pattern of these pants, they are not very versatile, and thus, despite a great fit, they are not frequently worn. Thankfully, cream is a great complement to almost anything.

These slacks are very long, which for me is perfect, but are so long that even my tall legs need some added height from a heel. The added few inches make the pants all the more flattering, as they are more fitted through the hip and thighs area, but then flare ever so slightly through the calf. Fret not, in no way are these slacks reminiscent of the intense disco era bell bottoms; my mother let me learn that lesson on my own in middle school, and that neuronal memory still throbs.

The back pockets on these slacks are a nice detail, and the added fabric does not add to the bulk of the behind. Although this mix between a plaid and hounds tooth pattern has a weave of colors and is potentially a bit abrasive, the colors are neutral and the pattern repeats are small, preventing anything garish.

Some gold cross-hatching, quilting earrings to help complete the look; when I found these a few weeks ago at a local cheap consignment store, they immediately connoted Chanel designs, and my best childhood friend Diana immediately remarked on the same signature design element.

These hunter and kelly green bakelite bangles have an extraordinary marble appearance, and serve to accent the dark green mark running through the pattern of the slacks; they are some of my favorite pieces of vintage plastic, and were a gift from my mother.

A pair of deep caramel leather lace-up oxford heels, a pair of ideal shoes in terms of comfort and versatility and overall aesthetic: I love the feminization and modernization of this traditional masculine shoe.

Despite his own oscillations, between reeling in pain and being wildly groggy from opiate medication, during my evening hospital visit the filmmaker commented positively on this overall prep look and found it to be highly alluring. Generally looking the part of a scruffy bohemian poet, though indeed a very handsome one who occasionally finds himself in a nicely pressed button-up, we at least for the evening fulfilled the trite expressions that opposites do attract.

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  1. I failed to document my nautical outfit from yesterday, we would have been quite a pair together. I also failed to do pattern-mix with the flowered belt so failed in my attempt to emulate the manrepeller.