Thursday, March 10, 2011

Outfit for a Thursday: Tribal Trend

In addition to being completely neurologically numb from more tedious presentation development, today is happy hour Thursday, so to attend my social obligation on time, indeed, veritable brevity will be adopted here. Completing a perfect trifecta of lazy outfits for the week, again, I donned a dress, this time a short, heavy textured cream cotton number, complete with pockets and flattering puckering and tucking at the waist, with an orange, gold, and navy patterned cardigan. With the length of the dress, I typically only wear it to the office during the colder months, when it can be paired with opaque tights; today, I chose dark navy. The boots are a warm leather, and though high, rather comfortable; also surprisingly durable and tolerable in this deluge of early spring rain. Accessories are samples of both the vintage and the exotic. The necklace was a gift from a kind and wonderful friend; it is made of camel bone, and more on that to come. The bangles are some bakelite beauties given to me by my mother.

Thursday morning commute soundtrack: "Kids with Guns" Gorillaz (Hot Chip Remix); "Party and Bullshit" Biggie (Ratatat Remix); "Rock the Casbah" the Clash


  1. great outfit! verrryy tribal chic. i especially love the earrings :)


  2. Beautiful jewelry collection! I just found your blog, love all the estate/vintage jewelry finds. I'm following you, if you like please check mine out and follow if you like my posts :)

  3. Love the colour of the boots, they'll work well with anything.