Friday, March 11, 2011

Casual Friday: Nautical Notions

In an attempt to break the fetters and chains of cynicism, I am viewing this recent spring flood optimistically, as an emotional and spiritual cleansing. Although I am professionally parting with some of my favorite colleagues, as they head over into a new office space, replete with opportunity and new growth, I am happy for them, and am encouraged to continue on my own forward path, for those proverbial greener pastures and softer, richer soil.

Mirroring the buckets of showers, today I selected a maritime-inspired number, which, having an intensely passionate penchant for navy and white and red and stripes, is a rather regular occurrence. With the warm sun attempting to pierce through the clouds, I am yearning for summer months and lazy days of light and levity. In honor of this sentiment, I dug out some light-wash denim, in style for casual Friday, but more fitting for a swoon-about a schooner.

This tee shirt is long and over-sized, so is ridiculously comfortable.

Historically, I shy away from light denim, in fear of whatever rural connotations it may evoke; lately, I have grown more open minded, thankfully, and embrace this casual look.

Ripped knees are generally not something I ever want to sport, especially when they are a construction, and not a happy, well-worn accident; in my defense, these jeans were purchased online and were on sale. Though rather disappointed with the fabricated distressed look, they fit so well and maintain their shape, no stretching, I look beyond these literal flaws in detailing.

A pocket, to store some candy, or maybe a secret recording microphone, to engage in some seaside espionage.

Playing with different patterns within the same color palette, here marrying polka dots with stripes, is one of my favorite strategies to add some spunk and interest to a classic look. Also, if you are wearing a piece from a popular chain store, such as this Gap tee shirt, adding an accent like a vintage polka dot silk scarf, can infuse a fresh, unique look to something massively produced, accessible, and thereby, massively worn and seen. The scarf is thinly trimmed with white along the bottom, and I chose a thick, wide vintage bakelite red bangle to pull in the cherry polka dots.

This heavy gold chain reminds me of a braided rope, or the thick chain of a large iron anchor, polished after years of being drug in and out of briny sea water. Originally, this gold chain was intended to be a belt of some type, I, however, wear it exclusively as a necklace; it is a great layering piece.

Today marks the first day of the season that I am neither wearing tights nor socks; ballet flat weather is much welcome after the brutal winds and snows and rains of the past months. I love the subtle sheen of these shoes, and, naturally, the bright cherry color that complements my bakelite bangle. The gold buckle and leather strap are small, and add a nice flair without looking chunky or overpowering, so that these remain a highly versatile pair of shoes.

Friday morning commute soundtrack: "Johnny Get Angry" Joanie Sommers; "Oh No Not My Baby" Maxine Brown; "Telephone" Blondie; "Here Comes the Summer" Fiery Furnaces; "Here Today" the Beach Boys; "Lovefool" the Cardigans


  1. I am honestly impressed by the amount of striped clothing you own. Also, I am enjoying these commute soundtracks, you're aiding me mix up my playlists! Love you.

  2. ooh i love this outfit. and i too have the same issue with jeans. but i am thinking about getting a pair of jean shorts, cuffed of course. i found the perfect pair at the end of the summer and let them go and now i am on the search again. just makes me a little nervous. gotta style them the correct way so i dont look like a country bumpkin.

  3. Adorable shoes! You know I hoard ballet flats, but those I covet.