Sunday, March 6, 2011

Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky

(images taken from Cinematic Intelligence Agency)

(image taken from Yahoo Lifestyle)

(image taken from New York Times, Movie Review Section)

As I had posted earlier, when detailing my black and white striped shirt outfit, recently I watched the French film, 2009 Sundance fin-de-spectacle piece "Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky." Every aspect of this film was absolutely beautiful: the costumes, obviously exuding Coco's groundbreaking and innovative independent feminine sensibility; the score, obviously predicated on the musical genius of Stravinsky; the interiors and the design, no small detail having been overlooked; the sweeping landscape of the French countryside; the oscillation between whimsical, soft French and proud, harsher Russian languages; and the sensual, painful erotic and romantic tension between these two stubborn, ambitious, and pivotal twentieth century artists.

I do not want to reveal too many saucy, steamy details or provide a film synopsis here, however, from a visual and aesthetic perspective, here are some aspects of stunning stimulation to look out for: ballet costumes and make-up in the premiere of "Rite of Spring"; Coco's cocktail dress repertoire; Stravinsky's suits, vests, glasses, and cuff links; Coco's Rolls Royce and her driving jacket; the boudoir dress; the geometric, black and white, pre-art deco interiors of the Parisian country home; Coco's bedroom and linens; and the dinner party dresses and table spreads.


  1. I've also watched this movie recently. It immediately made my list of favorite movies!
    It's just so inspiring, not only regarding fashion, but also when it comes to (performing) arts and interior design...