Friday, March 4, 2011

Casual Friday: Joan Collins' Yacht

For this casual Friday, in light of the pleasantly warming weather and my increasing desire to flee land and head out to find my luck and fortune in the tempestuous seas, on a yacht of some sort, ideally, I chose a nautically-inspired look featuring strong shoulder pads and a suede-esque suit jacket from the 80s.

The navy and cream striped dress is being sported more as a skirt today, with this jacket pairing; I found this dress at Target awhile back, in the Jean Paul Gaultier for Target collection spree. Admittedly, the cheap fabric makes me cringe a bit, but it has a fine appearance, a unique and jocular cut, and for the price I could not deny this piece. It is a great simple and cool, temperature connotation, look with gold sandals in the summer.

This jacket, stolen or maybe even bequeathed at some point from or by my mother, is cut high on the neck, and has hidden buttons all along the front. It is rather rhombus, box shaped, however, paired with the flirtatious, shorter length dress, it is unique without being unflattering.

The dress features this strange swaying sash, which extends from the neck line in the front and the back and drapes off to the side of the hip. I sometimes feel as though I could store things down there, perhaps a small puppy, or a covert flask.

In addition to the high cut buttoning, this jacket has slight slits, which give it some more motion than a straight down cut.

The top button is decorative, featuring navy and gold.

I love these Freye heels dearly; the mock-wedge heel is high, but very supportive and comfortable, and the buckle hardware is rugged looking without being overly masculine or just plain ugly. I feel as comfortable slipping these on with a dress, as a pair of tight jeans and a over-sized men's plaid shirt.

These earrings have been showcased before, and will be showcased again, I am sure: gold, dangling hoops, with a sense of sculpture to them in their depth. Vintage finds from the late 60s, discovered in an amazing vintage jewelry shop in small town Delaware, they fit any outfit and look perfect when my hair is sloppily pulled back into a loose chignon.

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