Friday, August 8, 2014

Seasoned Strappy Sandals

In the mornings, the air is cool, the walk from apartment to subway station, subway station to office refreshing. Odd, almost eerie, for August in New York, but I welcome and appreciate the uncharacteristic temperatures and overall pleasant atmosphere we have been graced with. Most days, I opt for leather boots, rather than slip into a pair of slinky sandals, the weather more akin to those blissful transition days of early autumn. Though it is painful to admit, alas, truly cold temperatures that necessitate boots will be upon us, before we would like, so earlier this week, I pushed aside my boxes of booties and selected a pair of black strappy sandals from the back reaches of my bedroom closet. Passed down from my mother, who wore them once, at most twice, to me, these shoes have seen a bit of action in their day, but recently have mostly lain sallow. Towering at a mere two inches or so, the heel height is perfect for a long day of running to and fro; after the office and a family dinner with my sister and niece, they were still comfortable. The winding vector of black fabric is beautifully designed, but I think these beauties will have to sit and wait for another display, until I have time to treat myself to a pedicure.

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