Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Gold

For Christmas, donning a bit of gold is always festive. Lately, neutral shades have been my default decision, and with a bit of flashy earrings, tend to lend a polished and sophisticated to even a basic, classic cotton v-neck sweater. These funky earrings were an awesome find from one of my favorite hidden boutique gems in Millsboro, Delaware, a few mile drive from the beach vacation home of my dear family friends. As summer waned, welcoming the cool autumnal winds, I joined my friend Sarah for a long weekend there; we enjoyed the feast of crabs, but totally indulged at the Millsboro Bazaar. Living in New York, we are well acclimated to steep prices, for vintage and contemporary goods. Being inside such a large, well-stocked shop with reasonable prices generally means any type of self-restraint is abandoned. This gold pair, a series of gilded concentric circles, evoke the almost-oblong shape of clams, bivalves that are popular in our Mid-Atlantic region. Similar to some of my other favorite pairs, these earrings have a great balance of shape and texture, of simplicity and intrigue.

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