Friday, October 4, 2013

Such a form as Grecian goldsmiths make

While hungrily gulping down the last swills of summer the other weekend at the beach in Delaware with my friend, childhood best Sarah, and her parents, I made sure to make the pilgrimage trek to the neighboring town of Milsboro, home to one of the most effusive, opulent collections of costume jewelry on the east coast. After our pupils adjusted to the dazzling glint glaring off the waves of rhinestone, Sarah and I scoured the store for unique finds to flaunt around the mean streets of our Brooklyn neighborhood. This brooch, gold leaf encircling bold colored stones, was a rather capricious purchase, spotted at the last moment as I was paying for my other goods. Surprisingly, given my expansive collection of random baubles, it is quite unlike anything else I own. Earlier this week, when temperatures rose once again to near treacherous heights, the street tar black and sticky, I wore my bit of goldsmith product as a pendant, a great homage to artifice, with a simple white cotton henley cut blouse. Against a simple canvas of white, the splash of bright stones embedded in the golden detailing shone, evoking an ancient emblem. As the weather cools and autumn returns, I hope to pair this brooch with a simple silk scarf and a plain black dress, again, let the piece stand ornate and alone.

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