Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Outfit for a Wednesday: Gingham and Pearls

When the sun finally emerges, escapes from the clutches of a desperate winter chill, warm blue gingham seems appropriate. This collared blouse is soft, a pleasant surprise with new, fresh cotton that can occasionally feel stiff or overbearing; I bought this recently on sale from Banana Republic and was glad to see, or feel, that the fabric was already worn in. Although gingham is quintessential spring casual, I wanted to fuse it with another tried and true traditional preppy stalwart, the copious layering of white pearls. Somewhere, some shadow of my sixth grade self is laughing, loud, mouth agape, at me, right now. The past few months, I have been writing pen pal letters to two sixth grade girls in Arkansas, as part of a volunteer project. It has been incredibly fun, and rewarding; while I certainly look forward to their letters, I also love the moments of reflection devoted to my own past, what I have learned, where I have come from.

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