Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Outfit for a Tuesday: Red for Billy's Red Room

There have been some exciting changes in my life lately, so today, feeling proud and happy and optimistic, seemed ideal for playing with bold, bright colors: red, cobalt, and violet. These red and golden swirl earrings, like clusters of iridescent bits of sand, magnified and dangling, were a gift from my mother ages ago. They are a little tight on my ears, so I do not wear them as frequently as I would like, but I love the changeling nature of the colors and their bright visual jingle. For some reason, one without significance, some caprice, I tend to wear these wedge sandals with cobalt blue; my sense of color balance and complement is satisfied with the red, blue, violet spectrum the pairing creates.

After work, to cheer up a rather slow Tuesday, some of my colleagues and I went to dinner at our favorite happy hour and dinner spot near the office, a hybrid fishing shack and bar called Billy's Red Room. Literally slathered in kitsch plastic seafaring paraphernalia, colorful bass and sharks and goldfish and crusted old anchors dripping off the walls, the joint is dank with charm. If the ambiance were not enough to win over even the most cantankerous of curmudgeons, each table features a large pool of spicy, homemade pickled vegetables and the proprietor, Billy, meanders drunkenly from party to party, slurring half-sensical filthy jokes and generously bestowing patrons with moonshine-soaked maraschino cherries. Nothing but class.  


  1. Sounds like the perfect place for after-work drinks. I need to find a similar establishment out here.

  2. I absolutely love your sandals! The red and purple shades work so well together. And I must say, Billy's Red Room sounds quite charming in its way :)