Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spring Cleaning Creative Spaces

With the spring thaw, windows are opened, winter dust shaken off, and closets and wardrobes are passed through a discerning sieve; the annual clean. For me, while my clothing certainly needs to be sifted through, older pieces assessed again, what I would really like to achieve is a clean, open space for writing. Stacks of papers, old files, towers of books generally collect around my desk area, my dining table, my bureaus. Any flat surface becomes a magnet for detritus. E. B. White is usually most frequently lauded for his Elements of Style, essential dogma for many contemporary writers. Peeking into his typical writing space, austere but warm, it is unsurprising that he was able to coalesce such simply profound advice for other authors. I do not live in the bucolic countryside and, unfortunately, I do not possess a typewriter, tool explicitly and only for writing, without distractions or indulgences. Nonetheless, I hope to be able to adopt some of this tranquility, for focus.

(image taken from BuzzFeed)