Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Outfit for a Tuesday: Mad Men Revival

After an agonizingly long hiatus, television's famed program has returned, so, in the spirit of silly theme dressing, I decorated myself in 1960s office staples: the pencil skirt, the fitted sweater, and the silk scarf. Cinching my waist with just enough tension to enforce a strict ballerina-inspired posture, one that would make even my mother proud after her years of reminding me to stand straight and proud, I could not help but feel powerful and confident strolling through the office aisles, not unlike one of my favorite characters and sartorial inspirations, Joan Holloway. Sadly, my full day toiling in the office yesterday did not end with some whiskey on the rocks or an impromptu martini, but, likely, it was all the more productive.

While I typically stay true to more classic black and white or cream and black houndstooth patterns, something about the deep emerald and the rich blue was enticing, the colors of some faraway and fantastical forest. Green shades generally do not flatter my skin tone, so, when I have the opportunity to wear a jewel-toned emerald, without shame or reproach, I seize it.

In true 1960s fashion, my scarf, wrapped almost as a soft necklace, perfectly complements the color scheme of my skirt and sweater; more modern, the two bold patterns, seemingly jarring, are united in their chromatic palette. I found this incredible scarf, which weaves seamlessly well with so much of my wardrobe, given my recent addiction to anything navy or cream.

True integrity to my Madison Avenue advertising adventures homage, I wore lucite accessories. These large earrings were in dis-repair for a number of weeks, and I finally took the initiative and my nearest bottle of tacky glue to fix them. Similar to television, and really all forms of photographic media, the clear convex shape distorts reality, contorts images that could be there, or maybe once were there, and captures something else entirely, reminiscent perhaps, but its own beast.


  1. oh, just did a green style outfit post recently .. lovely! xo

  2. These colors are exactly what I would wear. Always jealous of your clothes!