Thursday, March 28, 2013

Statement Black Baubles

One of the many perks of owning a ludicrously obscene bounty of jewelry is the ease with which one, with a simultaneous delicate and wild eye, can layer and pile on the shine and the sparkles, concocting large and blatant statement pieces like some vintage alchemist. Should this skill, this specialty, ever become valuable, an Olympic leisure sport perhaps, then I can sleep easy knowing my talent is, finally, appreciated. Against a canvas of opalescent but opaque fabric, I slathered black beads, two different multi-strand, waterfall necklaces, one with interspersing crystal prisms.

With a wide boat-neck blouse, especially a simply tailored and neutral tinted one, a large necklace, or series of necklaces, can have the spotlight, truly creating an outfit. I wore very classic black slacks, slim cigarette fit. Plain plastic, both of these necklaces remind me of onyx marbles.

Years ago, meticulous and precise, there was such an admirable attention to detail; the clasps of the necklaces from this time are nearly always as bright and bold as the beads themselves.


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  2. Aren't vintage necklaces just so fabulous?? That clasp really is completely lovely...makes the whole necklace just that much more special, love it!