Sunday, February 24, 2013

Silk Snakeskin

Although snakeskin was a prominent trend, a bit more edgy and surreptitious than the generally pervasive leopard or zebra prints, this silk blouse was something I more or less stumbled upon and could not avoid. Snake scales tend to be loud and bold, a bit ominous as well, given the nearly universal human obsession with the serpent as both demon and as god, but with this particular amalgamation of simple neutrals, the effect is a bit more muted. With strong shoulder pads and a looser fit, there is an inevitable confidence and masculine-infused appeal.

Buttoning up nearly to the collar, I layered a pair of multi-strand vintage necklaces, one in gold links and the other large black beads and crystal beads alternating. Overall, though a bit bombastic, I liked the cacophony of texture.

Sunday afternoon soundtrack: the Pixies acoustic sessions

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