Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday in the Office

Last Sunday, my original plans of lazily watching football while sipping beer, like the generic typical American I am not, were postponed, swapped instead for spending the day toiling at work in our large conference room. Since I was joined by the rest of my team, I opted not to wear faded black leggings and an over-sized men's French cuff shirt, also my original plan, and as a professional courtesy, threw together an outfit that was reminiscent of a prep school student. If coerced into confronting the view from my cluttered cubicle on a Sunday, that ordained day of rest that nearly everyone other than Chinese take-out restaurants and hospital emergency rooms celebrate, I will forgo the old stretch pants, but never a soft chambray shirt dress.

This hering bone-patterned chambray dress is old, but a comfortable and loved staple, and it still surprises me that, worn though it has been, it has rarely been used as a layering piece. Underneath a classically striped navy and red sweater, my dress seemed refreshed, even as I was tired and feeling a bit figuratively thin.

Dedicated to the iconic preppy look, as dedicated as I am to my work projects, I adorned my lobes with some simple pearls and rhinestones. When spending what would otherwise be a relaxed afternoon in the confines of corporate crap, some accessorizing infuses superficial enthusiasm. The fake it until making it approach is as tried as this dress, but equally as effective.

Tones of navy flourished with red are always great working partners with pure cream.

Proper pumps are perfect for the regular, prescribed working days, but for clocking in the hours on the weekend, these wretchedly old and scuffed cowboy boots meet my objectives: soft, easy, familiar. Although the winter has been unseasonably warm, still, tall thigh socks were cozy, a tight cotton embrace for those pesky building air conditioned drafts.

Sunday evening soundtrack: Lovers Melt 3 Flying Lotus mixtape

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