Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Outfit for a Monday: Pearls Spun

Clothing myself in muted neutrals, from top to bottom, is quite easy with my wardrobe; while I relish the simplicity, I like to add a few facets, usually in the form of bodacious necklaces and emboldened tights. This multi-strand of taupe pearl beads was a recent acquisition, from this past weekend, during some errands shopping for gifts for others. Normally, I am very strict about staying focused on my agenda, finding something thoughtful and suiting yet still a bit unexpected for those I care about; still, occasionally, the eye wanders, lays upon something too good to forgo. The necklace is originally from J. Crew, though I bought it for a significantly reduced price from a local consignment shop. The hordes of people who fawn over J. Crew are too many to count; the aesthetics and the quality are certainly above mediocre, often even admirable and worth laudations. For example, the tightly tied knots in between each individual bead in the above necklace. Still, for me, what is truly brilliant and worthy of effusive commentary is their impeccable, impregnable brand strategy, bolstered by particular targeted marketing and campaigning, the construction of a elusive but accessible Americana style, at once timeless and spunky and unique, which, despite, and perhaps because of, the often ridiculous price points, the masses continue to crave and consume.

For this rather plain and ordinary light camel sweater, subtly embellished with a scattering of minute eyelets, the loose whorls of pearls was perfect; ultimately, to create some dimension, I twisted the strands, so rather than lay flat, they formed an almost chromatin-like structure. Tertiary organization.

Staying within the confines of my toffee-toned camel theme, I chose this beautifully curved almost cuff bracelet, a lovely piece from Vietnam, carved from the horn of a cow.

Originally, my intention was to wear deep plum tights with my camel sweater and skirt. After shimmying into my favorite pair, not too far from sausage in a casing, I was much dismayed, alarmed, shamed: a thick knife wound of a run, running wild up my calf toward my knee, tainting one of my dozens of favorite tights. Alas, some thick, nimble thinking was required; I faltered a bit, somehow landing on forest green.

Early morning dance soundtrack: Jamie XX Boiler Room Mix


  1. Ive been drawn to neutrals lately too. They're just so simple and classic. And those are a great pair of heels! They make a great pop!


  2. love the necklace!


  3. I love seeing all your bags in the back ground!