Friday, November 30, 2012

Time Piece Lusting, Encore

After spending a preponderance of my precious cubicle time today salivating over large and stylized analog watches for men, I came to the embarrassingly slow realization that I should just put one on my list for jolly old Saint Nick. Alas, most of the beautiful time pieces I yearn for are also beautifully expensive. While, naturally, I have been horribly nice all year long, I may not have been that nice. So, the gleaning for something desirable, drool-worthy, mostly practical, and wallet-friendly continues.

Afternoon shopping soundtrack: These Things Take Time Molly Nilsson

(image taken from The Pursuit Aesthetic)


  1. oh my lord, this is beautiful - totally worth compete bankruptcy right? at least you would be able to tell the time very precisely and have a banging-looking wrist?

  2. OOH! That is a niiiiiiiiiice wristwatch. My boy loves watches -- something tells me he'd like the look of this one, heh.