Thursday, November 8, 2012

Styling After Sandy

After enduring what was, thankfully, the relatively mild effects of the horrible Hurricane Sandy, and after suffering a bit of the ever insanity-inducing cabin fever, I finally ventured outside for a substantial period of time to retrieve a calzone with the filmmaker.  Copious amounts of melted cheese and red peppers and sausage was easily and obviously enticing, even if it meant venturing out, surveying the havoc and damage, braving the frigid air.

This warm caramel wool jacket, slightly stylized with a rounded black velvet collar, is definitely one of my most prized consignment shop finds; it is the ideal blazer for crisp weather, before or after any tumultuous storm. Although warm, frankly, it was a bit too little for this particularly brutal afternoon; there has been a stark cold streak, complete with snow and ice-rain. Unfortunately, my silky almost-sheer scarf, emblazoned with intermingling animal prints and tiger faces, also did not offer much sanctuary from the elements. Still, I survived the slight chill. Being consistently inappropriately dressed for the weather is, apparently, a great skill of mine.

This black and oxblood vintage carpet handbag, which formally resided with my sister in her wardrobe, is such a treasure. The soft texture and the deep, pungent colors of the floral combine in a way that is, in a bizarre, simultaneously subtle and unforgettable.

Evocative of some gilded bird nest, perhaps something suited for a William Butler Yeats poem, or a dusty frontier tumbleweed rolled in gold, I found these contemporary clip-on earrings at a small boutique in Paris last spring. They have since become a staple.


  1. I'm glad you were able to get out for a bit! This look is gorgeous - I love that jacket!

  2. Hello! Thanks so much for your comment, and yes the ring is a London blue topaz, good eye! Glad to hear the effects of Sandy were mild and I adore this look. That jacket, so stunning! xo

  3. Love the entire vintage post!! The scarf, the bag, velvet collared have gorgeous classic styling ability and it shows!! Hope you are doing well after going through such a terrible storm!

    Loving your blog,
    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  4. Okay. I just read your post and I felt like I was reading a novel. You write so well you actually remind me of Steinbeck or any book author. Have you considered writing a book? I love how you described the stuff you wore. Seriously. I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog. Followed you on Bloglovin. :)

    xo Daphne of Metamorphosis

    P.S. I hope everything looks better in your area. I heard Sandy was horrible.

  5. Definitively checking out your blog. =)

  6. Love that bag! Stealing from a sister's closet is always a great treat!