Monday, September 24, 2012

Defining Classics: Tuxedo Flats

The other weekend, while enjoying a cheap drink at a local neighborhood dive, my sister and I were idly discussing what we consider to be wardrobe classics, basic staples that endure that quintessential test of time; though they have been a veritable and whirlwind trend the last few years, I nominated tuxedo, or smoking, flats without hesitation. Essentially, the tuxedo flat is an alternative shape and attitude to the infamous ballet flat; both allow for effortless sophistication and comfort, both are chic and pragmatic, with the tuxedo flat exuding a slightly masculinized flair. Each style is marvelously versatile, a chameleon adroitly adapted for most textures, patterns, and colors. For the last two or so years, I have regularly worn my leopard print tuxedo flats, with denim, chinos, maxi skirts, and disappointed to say that, naturally, they are beginning to wear slightly. Shamefully, I admit that they have also started to tint my feet a grimy black after wearing them for any extended period of time; not attractive. I am wishing I had had the foresight at the time to purchase two identical pairs, since the leopard so appropriately partners with much in my closet, but, alas, now I can only shake my fist in frustration at my myopic thinking. Luckily, hopefully, enough designers and enough stores agree with me, that tuxedo flats are and should be a staple, so I will be able to easily replace this pair. I think a red suede would work quite nicely.

Monday afternoon work soundtrack: Until the Quiet Comes Flying Lotus

(image taken from A Well-Traveled Woman)


  1. Completely agree. Classic, beautiful and will go with just about anything!

  2. I have a pair of leopard tuxedo flats recently purchased from Target. I love them and they were well priced, but being from Target will likely only last the season. Let me know if you find an affordable, more durable pair!

  3. dah those joie loafers are so freakin cute! i see them everywhere, i just wish they weren't so pricey =)

  4. totally a fan of these types of flats!

    Hybid Hunter

  5. I am so with you on the leopard flats... and the fact that sometimes, you just should have purchased two! I think that all the time, of course too late.

    Good luck with the red ones! I am certain you will love them just the same! :)

    It's an Easy Life

  6. Thanks for the visit and the interesting, pensive remarks. cool.

  7. I love your flats, so chic! The colors are beautiful!
    kisses chris

  8. Totally agree with you that tuxedo flats are a classic! I also own a leopard print ones that are usually my go to for casual outing. The ones pictured here are really gorgeous!


  9. I honestly feel that i must have these shoes. The color and pattern are just amazing. I'm now following :) xx sylvie

  10. I love tuxedo flats. I really want a pair!

    <3 Melissa

  11. Thanks for the comment on my blog!
    Those are so beautiful!! I am trying to find the perfect pair!!


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