Thursday, August 30, 2012

Outfit for a Wednesday: Golden Flowers

I purchased and wore this dress for the convocation speech given during my graduation from university; sitting amidst a sea of anxious now-former students and their parents, sweating under the intensity of the sun and of the occasion, listening to some political pawn rave about how successful he is despite never attending college. Perfect encouragement and inspiration for embarking out into the real world of professional endeavors. Having just spent a substantial portion of money on my education, my parents, needless to say, fumed and were less than amused. Naturally, the next day, I had a very flattering and demure sundress-tan; thankfully, for the most part, the thick straps of the dress correlated with the thick straps of my sleek one-piece bathing suits.

Though I love the simple, almost juvenile joviality of this pattern and the clean use of white and golden yellow, I find this dress a bit too precious for most circumstances, other than perhaps a baby shower, or a garden croquet party somewhere below the Mason-Dixon. And it certainly would push the limits of inappropriate in my office, in a dear way. But I refused to allow these obvious barriers of adorable and sweet impede my devious edge and sartorial conniving; it is summer and a display of golden flowers could happen. 


My strategy, tried and true, was to couple a cobalt blue cardigan with my 1960s backyard cook-out dress, being sure to button the cardigan mostly to the top, creating the illusion of a bright and full a-line skirt. The blue, yellow, and white chromatic triad was complementary, and, unusually, did not immediately evoke some sports team. And, for once, the weather was pleasant and warm-cool, so wearing a light cotton-linen blend sweater from my stroll from apartment to car to office was bearable. 

Golden and white swirl earrings and a bangle of golden bubbles ensnared in clear lucite to complete the look.


  1. Cool garments! They all make a very nice outfit. :D
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  2. Navy + Yellow are one of my favorite color combos!

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  4. Very cute dress! Gorgeous, I love it :)


  5. i absolutely love this dress! xx sylvie