Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lizard on a Rock

Feeling less than inspired lately in the wardrobe department, in part due to the constant deluge of sweat cascading down my back, and in second part due to a sort of general lethargy and apathy, I have recently sought innovation in some of my necklaces. Namely, this has entailed my pairing already strong, bold, bodacious pieces with a bejeweled broach, in an exercise of utter hyperbole. For a rather lazy, alcohol-infused casual Friday last week, my entire company commemorating and commiserating the loss of our favorite Jamaican colleague, I paired this striped stone pendant, a street treasure from Rome, with a mysterious rhinestone, fiery-eyed lizard, cold and cruel and stagnant, probably a remnant of my sister's teenage jewelry box. Essentially, the layering of these elements created a picturesque scene of a lone lizard bathing in the sun heat on a smooth rock. My silk blouse featured a pattern of blues and gray, with some streaks of orange, matching the eyes, that resembled the crystalline intricacy of tree branches one connotes with certain Japanese woodblock prints.


  1. The lizard is super cute. And I love the pattern of your blouse!


  2. The pattern of your silk blouse is so so beautiful! Would love to see all of it!

  3. Love this - what a gorgeous piece :)


  4. That necklace is AMAZING! You truly do have the best finds!