Monday, August 20, 2012

French and French: Nina Ricci Frames and The Intouchables

Last Thursday evening, the filmmaker and I sought refuge from the humidity in the cool cavern of our local theater to see popular French film The Intouchables; though still a bit swampy, the temperatures did drop a bit with the sun, an ideal environment for a long, flowing maxi skirt. A black silk-like pleated maxi can imbue a stuffy formality, akin to young Amish maidens, or a pretentious sophistication; paired with basic flats and simple cream, the skirt is infused with a more casual attitude. It is this juxtaposition that I love, a sort of simultaneous casual chic and classic elegance. On sale, I could not resist this BCBG piece, an amalgamation of wardrobe basic, a simple black bottom, and the still omnipotent maxi trend. Despite my very long legs and tall frame, certain maxi skirts and dresses still somehow scrape against the ground, obviously constructed for females of impressive Amazonian proportions. This skirt is the optimum length, neither dragging along in the dirt, but still long enough that I can glide about, holding it up in one hand as though I were some coquette ripped from the pages of a D.H. Lawrence novel.

The blazer was a sort of rational impulse purchase from Zara, a store I often admonish and harangue about, while killing some time at a meeting in Barcelona. It appealed to me as an alternative to a hooded sweatshirt, a clothing article that I try to relegate to the gym alone, or to a basic chunky cardigan: it is a basic soft cotton material, warm and practical, yet also structured. Blazers typically connote professional or preppy, and this one is no exception, though its fabric and heather cream pattern lend it a comfortable look. Mostly, I plan to use this as my new favored travel garb; it works well for air conditioned movie theaters as well.

Unsurprising to anyone who has attended a movie with me, my leather woven Cole Haan purse was filled to the brim with delicious sandwiches; surprisingly, there was no red wine and accompanying plastic cups being stowed away.

Sparkle in a darkened movie theater is perhaps unnecessary, but, nonetheless, my rhinestone resplendent black and silver bangles and earrings bore many a glint and glisten.

These 1960s Nina Ricci frames were a gift to myself from the famous Marché aux Puce St. Ouen in one of the northern neighborhoods in Paris; to me, they are equal parts Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Iris Apfel, a mash-up both hilarious and grand. In anticipation for more autumnal sensibilities, I envision pairing them with my classic camel trench coat and new Frye boots.


  1. I heard that film was good! I will have to find a way to watch it.

  2. Loving the maxi! I've been searching for a black one!

  3. Love your outfit!! Great blog! Would you want to follow each other!?


  4. Adorable sunglasses! I also love the leopard flats :-)

  5. I love this look head to toe – awesome shades, love the blouse, and the maxi is classic!

    Sea and Swank

  6. I absolutely love your leopard print loafers! I agree - maxi skirts are so difficult to pull off and they're made for super slim & tall legs!


  7. Can't go wrong with B&W! Love the sunnies !

  8. Love the leopard flats!!

  9. Hey darling,

    great blog! Love the outfit!
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  10. So chic (and very apt for a French film). Really love the bag (purse) - very Bottega Veneta!

    (gah! These captchas are illegible - do you get a lot of spam? It properly puts me off commenting :( )

  11. LOVE those sunnies and this B&W look! so chic!

    love from San Francisco,

  12. The maxi skirt looks great on you. It matched perfectly with your cute top. Pretty!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

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  14. Lovely sunglasses!!

  15. Love the black & white together and the round sunglasses are super cute!
    I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!
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  16. Lovely dress!

    xo Jennifer

  17. Soooo cute! Love your blog :)


  18. Loving the black and white together - so pretty!

    The Other Side of Gray

  19. Your dress is lovely - a wonderful style!

  20. Thanks for your comment!
    Love the loafers in this outfit!
    Followed :)