Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Straw Hats in the Summer, and My Penchant for Excess

A few weeks ago, I spent at least twenty minutes trying on large, though still appropriately sized, straw hats in some crevice in Century 21. Apparently, the circumference of my skull is massive, though, thankfully, this is not immediately noticeable.  It does mean, however, that most of these wildly coveted summer straw hats look utterly absurd atop my melon. Peering into the mirror, my head a mammoth, I was discouraged, and decided to not throw away my money. This bodacious brim on a bodacious Brigitte Bardot made me laugh hysterically yesterday evening, and has caused some stirring of rather ambiguous feelings. I am now no longer sure if my original discouragement and defeat is sustained, or if I am compelled to search for a larger and more histrionic straw hat variety. If only I wear a blonde and were more easily forgiven for my actions, this decision would be so much simpler.

(image taken from The Washington Post)


  1. great inspiration!

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  2. That picture is fantastic! Last year I actually bought a giant hat like that. Haven't had the nerve to wear it outside of the house, but I love it all the same!

  3. Such a vintage-inspired post, I'm inspired for tomorrow's outfit, though i dun have such a large hat but I have smaller ones! :)

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  4. I miss women wearing such HUGE hats. I love that style.

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