Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Outfit for a Thursday: Pretty Woman

This brown and white polka dot dress is one that has sat neglected in my closet, admittedly completely forgotten as it was obscured from view, clamped between an array of other lighthearted summer dresses and a bevy of heavier winter knits and various cocktail attire. Immediately as I stepped from the elevator into my office, our office manager, the ever cheerful and garrulous, a sort of cry-on-her-shoulder matriarch figure, commented that my look resembled that beautiful silk brown and cream dress from the infamous polo scene in Pretty Woman, despite my lack of an over-sized hat. Despite the comparison to a fictional and wildly unrealistic prostitute, needless to say, I was flattered. 

Small polka dots arranged in a sort of concentric circle pattern almost has a hallucinogenic effect; when the eye stares too long, and loses focus, there is almost a three-dimensionality. An alternative, more nuanced take on the typical and traditional uniform polka dot, this pattern is familiar but also interesting and alluring. For me, it is also a welcome respite from my predominantly black and, more recently, navy wardrobe.

Dresses that come prepared and stocked with their own matching belts can be quite deceptive; invariably, the belts are, if not woebegone, at least a bit lackluster in the durable quality department. Also, a pattern-matching belt can scream uninspired suburban mother, whose proverbial children may or may not play on a soccer team, or uninspired suburban young professional, who lacks time and energy to harness a creative eye. This is particularly true with very classically cut, tailored shift dress. Swapping out the free belt with another one already present in my belt collection is my foremost strategy for avoiding that straight from a catalogue or I stole this off a mannequin look.

I have owned this vintage red fabric belt for years; it is a wonderful and versatile piece because of the classic cherry red color that complements so many items, from brown and black and navy and white and camel neutrals, to turquoise and yellow and cobalt blue statement shades. Also, it is easily adjustable, with some maneuvering of the slack, so can shift from high on the waist to slung lower around the hips, depending on the needs of the outfit. Frankly, I had forgotten about this scarlet beauty as well, and am thankful it sort of fell from my closet as I rushed about; it is a great pairing with the brown and white.

To complete my potential polo match garb, actual normal workday outfit, I selected some plain pearl accessories.

Lazy Tuesday soundtrack: "Jeans and Wallet" Chet Faker (on repeat)


  1. What a beautiful dress! I love the polka dots and the way you've used red as an accent.

  2. lovely choices - very polished!
    kisses dear

  3. Pretty pretty pictures! Just found your blog and so glad, now following you :)


  4. Such a gorgeous print!
    Very pretty post! :)

    Natasha Carly x