Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Frolicking in Fryes and Sister Rivalry

Most likely combining both genetic ingrained elements, transcribed and translated, and interactions and reactions with the molecular micro-environment and the greater world around us, with phenotype and behavioral manifests, younger sisters are jealous of older sisters. Particularly true during childhood, when older sisters seem better able to manipulate parental constraints, when older sisters have later bedtimes, and can turn the manipulation on the younger sister to steal her last few bites of ice cream cone, they just seem to exude an attitude and a capability that is desired. Naturally, the playing field grows a bit more flat and even after university when both siblings are adults, and constructs such as bedtimes are now of their own decision. But, for me, I am still often jealous of my older sister Elizabeth's impeccable style, a bit adapted now for motherhood, much different from my own, and her long history of owning and wearing beautiful Frye boots.

For most of my professional life, the Frye price range was just a bit elusive, at least, in the face of my nearly always looming and dominant rent check, and the desire to eat partly delicious and nutritious foods, sometimes. So, while I would always peruse the wares on the myriad online shoe warehouses, I never felt comfortable pulling that proverbial trigger and making a purchase. This fall, all may change; I feel ready for the plunge into a sturdy and luxurious boot, one that need not be replaced after one or two seasons of heavy use. Now, the only problem that remains is selecting a pair.

(image taken from Zappos) 


  1. I love frye boots, they are the best investment piece!


    Leopard and Lillies

  2. Boots are the best and always needed!

  3. two things --

    1) get those boots !!! you can pull off a heel; i can't. (SEE ? I'M JELLY OF EWE)

    2) you gotta get over the whole ice cream thing. ;-)

  4. This is such a clever post and I especially liked reading it cause I have a younger sister. Hehe. Those boots are great too, perfect for spring


  5. I admire you writing skill. Were you born with it or can I ever aspire to write like that?:)

    These (or similar) boots are worth the investment. I can imagine the million ways to dress them up.


  6. These are nice boots you should take the plunge! xo, Alma

  7. wow you are so cute!

    just found your blog and love your aesthetic! and heyy i actually just started a new blog! i'd love if you'd come take a look and follow, if you like!


    ps: if you follow, let me know by commenting on my most recent post. then i'll skip over to your blog and follow you back! :]]

  8. I love the pair that you featured...you should get those. I should get those. Someone, for the love of god, should get those.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  9. Love those boots! I need to invest in a good pair of boots for this upcoming season as well as I usually go for cheaper version and have to re-buy every year.


    Britt + Whit

  10. Wow, they look awesome :D

  11. those are nice boots, reminds me of my brown boots at home!


  12. I love Fryes, and these are no exception – take the plunge! :)

    Sea and Swank

  13. Lovely booties!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!
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  14. I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect everyday shoe (flats, I can't do 24/7 heels) but that whole *budget* thing gets tricky :P Thanks for stopping by my blog! If you GFC follow me, be sure to let me know - I'll follow you back!