Friday, July 6, 2012

Casual Friday: Lusting for Golden Leaves

Pairing a tuxedo-inspired black blazer with a simple cotton tee shirt is a time-honored approach to exuding an attitude of cavalier and classic glamor; for a woman, the coupling can allow a sort of dabbling in androgyny or can shift to the alternate end of the spectrum, highlighting the oft desired feminine curves. This organic golden statement necklace, a swirl of leaves, appearing to be floating calmly atop the surface of a smooth glass pond, juxtaposes nicely in texture and in detail with the soft, plain, neutral fabrics. With two very basic wardrobe pieces, the blazer and the shirt, in more understated tones, this look can be invented and re-imagined with various bold or more eye-grabbing accessories. I have two different golden leaf necklaces, interestingly, if they were to germinate and gestate, would produce something very similar to the one I covet so from this photograph. I do not think wearing them together would work well, the metals clash in a non-complementary fashion, but I am picturing some interesting layering with pearls or other colored beads.

(image taken from The Pursuit Aesthetic)


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