Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Landscape Lusting

For the past two days, the vista views from my grand cubicle windows have been of deep, dark gray skies and lush greenery, the grass and the leaves of the trees ripe and drunk with the deluge of recent rains. Since returning from Peru, life has been a reality of tribulations and trivial tasks to accomplish, of mountains and molehills; my head churns and my mind can be likened to biologic primordial soup, something made of potentially critical and worthwhile elements, compounds correctly concocted yielding proteins and nucleosides and potential for an organic sentient whole, which, for the time, are just floating idly in a muck.

Ever since my brother-in-law, a title that I believe I have never been officially used before, at least not in formal text, introduced me to the bucolic, romantic, idyllic compilation of faraway escapes that is Cabin Porn, I have frequently returned to the collection, wistful and yearning and a bit bitter. I am here, and these, all these houses, are out there, someplace wild and wonderful and remote. In my fantasies, the internet and telephones do not exist, not out there, and there are no obligations to participate in teleconference calls or brainstorming sessions or legal review discussions with client compliance police. There are no duties to travel to long, arduous meetings, where talk is circular and tiring. Out there, one hangs the wet laundry to dry on a line, drawn from a local tree to the side of the house, shirts and sheets and worn pants tittering to the seductions of a gentle wind. Out there, flowers are plucked from the earth, rouge dirt still clinging to their weak roots, to be scattered in clean glass jars on tables, laden with butter and cream and fruits and breads, things made with animals and their gifts, things made with gluten and sugar, things made to eat and eat much of, without thought to carcinogens or other foreign invasive infiltrates. Out there, at night, during sleep, the windows are left open, open to the moon and her symphony of crickets and creatures.  

(image taken from Cabin Porn)

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  1. haha I'm going to have to check out cabin porn - love the name!