Friday, June 29, 2012

Flash Card for the Modern Male

Perhaps not for my own direct personal benefit, but, for the overall good of humanity and sartorial aesthetes everywhere, it would be a noble investment to distribute laminated flash cards of this information to the young and impressionable young men congregating within and outside of every polyester-stuffed, cargo short-sporting mega-chain franchise in large mega-chain malls around America. Volunteers for this philanthropic endeavor may be hard to come by, as I, for one, abhor the inevitable noxious fumes charading as colognes and perfumes that emanate from such businesses. But, the exposure could be well worth it. The youths of America may not be entering corporate executive positions of the caliber that was expected and anticipated in the past, however, that is little excuse to forgo all notions of tailoring and fit and fine fabric in favor of large pockets that can possible hold a family-sized bag of machine-cooked potato chips. Fake it, until you make it.

(image taken from Explore)