Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Travel Lusting: Decadent Accessories

Traveling for business more and more recently, I have come to the obvious, almost embarrassing, conclusion that over-sized American Apparel canvas tote bags and the like are really not appropriate professional travel ware. As much as I loathe to admit it, I am really not that sexually provocative, hot mess of a young thing who the brand markets to, and, indeed, have at least the semblance of a few responsibilities and occasionally should present myself as a functional adult. On occasion. I have some fabulous, mildly used but well cared for, pieces of luggage from my father, who trotted around the globe a few times; however, when it came to laptop and general carry-on pieces, I was lacking. Recently, I have acquired a few bags that stylishly serve me well on the airplane: a large and rather pragmatic red tote from Michael Kors and a large camel leather purse from Tommy Hilfiger. In each, I can stow away extra pairs of pumps, my camera, random work-related electronics, jewelry, and the like. 

Earlier today, my sister sent a link to this bad boy  and I am quite smitten; I would obviously carry this as a clutch, and would be equally willing to collect my make-up items into its beautiful bowels. Alas, I am attempting to save, unfortunately rather unsuccessfully, for a few upcoming surprises, so a treat such as this must wait.

(image taken from Scout & Catalogue)


  1. Great bag! Love the sequins.

  2. The sequins are so pretty, I love it!

  3. so beautiful!!!


  4. That's the thing about pieces like that- they just don't get knocked off. I love that it's both glitzy and weathered. I too have been on a quest for a good statement clutch (so long as the statement isn't LOOK AT ME I'M PARTYIN' WOOOHOOOO). I found that in the past I've had the best luck at thrift stores and yard sales.

  5. i love scout and catalogue! their stuff is awesome, although i don't own any because like you i need to save up.


  6. That is the cutest bag!

    xo Jennifer


  7. Wow, this handbag is fabulous!!