Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Perfect Summer Pant

Curated personally for me based on the contents and style from my copious online shopping sprees at Banana Republic, and the umbrella company Gap, I woke up over the weekend to a computer-generated personalized message advertising my ideal summer pant: a slim fit white linen pant. Apparently, whatever smartly concocted algorithm that divines these recommendations knows me quite well; these are exactly the slacks that my closet lack. Unfortunately, responsibility called for updated contact lenses, and a flair for fun called for a wild adventurous trip this autumn, so, restraint, restraint. 

(image taken from Banana Republic)


  1. You have such restraint! I admire you! I recently passed up a major pant deal on my favorite site and I regret my caution. Gosh Im a bad influence.


  2. Agreed, these pants would be great for summer:)

  3. i own a pair of white linen pants but i rarely wear them. the minute i have a seat in them they are wrinkled. i bought a pair of nicer chino white pants that i use much more often.


  4. those look perfect and so comfortable for summer. x E

  5. It really is the perfect summer pant!! Good luck with resisting buying it ;)