Friday, May 25, 2012

Outfit for a Tuesday: Yacht Club in the Office

When I found this navy and almost-white cream striped dress on a sale rack at Target a few years ago, I believe the last time I purchased an article of clothing there, I did not anticipate that the piece would become a favorite for layering in the warmer months, particularly to create the illusion of a now nearly hackneyed and ubiquitous nautical-themed skirt. The other day, I decided to yet again enjoy the simple and classic pattern, with its bizarre swoop of added fabric sash, pairing it with a very sheer golden metallic sweater and a camel blazer. Essentially, as is typical, pretending that instead of the office, I am attending a party on a boat somewhere, and creating my absolute favorite color scheme: gold, cream, camel, and navy. Generally, this type of outfit is constructed frantically, with wanton disregard for probable polite professional propriety, while I am showering, running late, and concerned over whether or not I have sufficient time to put my coffee in a portable mug for the admittedly super short ride to work. So, I just throw on some items that I like, implicitly knowing that they work well, while understanding on a more conscious level that they may be ridiculous.

A strand of large round costume pearls was the obvious choice to complete this tardy to teleconferences foible turned sailor-infused success; now is an appropriate time for the admission that I have just finished dinner with my parents, which means cocktails as well as wine were imbibed. Further cogent commentary or wisdom or insight cannot be expected. Costume pearls are a beautiful addition, this is all I have to offer.


Lately, these are the only shoes I have any desire to wear, classically camel and comfortable; I am still rather uncertain how I was able to survive previously without them. Yes, my dependency on inanimate and commercially superficial objects is indeed this grave.


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  2. What an amazing outfit! I love the nautical stripes of the skirt teamed with the neutral blazer. xo

  3. You can really find some amazing pieces at Target! I love the striped dress, and the blazer is so chic :)

    Xo Chelle

  4. I love the stripes with the blazer!

  5. Love the striped dress and the pearl necklace! :)