Sunday, May 20, 2012

Casual Friday: Pink and Blue Grid Lines

Sometimes, the effortless and classic and comfortable outfits are those that end up looking the most chic; while I can certainly appreciate layering to add texture and nuance, or indulging in particular popular trends, those pieces that are tried and true will, indeed, always be true. So, occasionally, I will use Casual Friday at my office as an opportunity to wear something a bit more on the fringe than the tenets of business casual would typically permit, however, lately, I am more prone to slide into my cigarette-leg skinny jeans and wear a simple blouse. This past Friday, I selected my favorite pair of pants, the pair that actually incited my desire to wear pants more frequently than seeing a pale blue moon, dark indigo denim in the ever flattering, though potentially misleading, skinny cut. For the blouse, I debuted this men's button-down shirt from Charles Tyrwhitt; loose but crisp and fresh, well fitting through the bust and shoulders, quite a feat for a men's shirt on an hourglass frame, it is the perfect blend of demure masculinity and confident femininity.

The soft pink and blue grid line pattern of this button-down is a pleasant and welcome alternative to the classic but all too familiar pink or blue gingham, stripes, or solid.

A number of months ago, the filmmaker surprised me with a small collection of earrings, including these gold mesh dome pieces. Whenever I am at a loss for accessories, or am running late to the office without time to contemplate and mull over my obscene collection, I can grab these and rest satisfied knowing that my choice was simply perfect.

A simple pearl bracelet to complement the tomboy preppy feel of this look.

Somehow, in this universe strange and chaotic and perpetually in motion, I have been maneuvering through my daily happenings without a pair of basic camel colored flats; while browsing the sale wares at Century 21 the other evening, I immediately ameliorated that with the purchase of these. The gold embellishment, a sort of woven coil, braided like the sinuous and plastic body of a spiraling serpent, adds an intriguing flair, ideal for all of my golden baubles and bangles and beads.

Friday evening soundtrack: R.I.P. Actress


  1. love the menswear inspired shirt with the feminine pearls! xo

  2. Love the masculinity paired with the feminine touches! How dare you not have a trusty pair of camel flats! Love those!

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    It's an Easy Life

  3. lovely shoes:)
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  4. yes i totally agree, i just did a comfortable/casual look to show that we aren't always wearing heels and complicated outfits ( but we still are a lot of times too.... hahahah )


  5. It just works!!!

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  7. love the detail shots!


  8. What a great outfit! I love the classic, casual look as well - looks so chic with the jewelry and flats you picked.

    Big City Farm Girl

  9. Love your blog! Great outfit look!! Hope you will visit my blog and let me know if you want to follow each other : )

  10. love the outfit you've made!! very classic and chic!! love the pearl accessories

  11. Love this outfit!! Great accessories!!

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  12. Really pretty pieces!! I want that button-down top!

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