Thursday, April 26, 2012

Feigning Tiger Eyes

While I was in Rome, meandering the streets on Palm Sunday and perusing various wares, much of it typical tourist junk but amusing to shop through nonetheless, I found this large striated stone. I always admire stone pendants and had just been making a comment to my colleagues about how much I wanted a long chain necklace. As it turns out, I could purchase the pendant alone, and was able to pair it with a long silver chain I already owned. The gray, black, cream, and browns intermingling across the surface of this piece create a rather versatile statement, which can be paired with nearly any color; however, with the length of the chain, I must pay a bit of diligence to what types of necklines I pair the necklace with.

On Tuesday, I paired the new necklace with one of my favorite silk dresses, one that unfortunately finds itself hiding in my closet much too frequently: an Amanda Uprichard piece emblazoned with a tiger face pattern. Crouching, much like a large predatory cat, covert and silent, the pattern pounces; it is almost startling, at first being camouflaged so well, as though it were just random lines splattered.

Thursday evening soundtrack: "Wham City" Dan Deacon