Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sushi Saunter

The other evening, anxious for a temporary exodus from the confines of my cozy apartment, seeking some type of solace in the form of sushi and drink to absolve the stresses of the mundane, I thought I would slip into a sultry black turtleneck dress and celebrate the occasion. Skin tight and suffocating, I should have known as I pulled the as of yet unworn garment over my hips, squeezing, that I would look not unlike a stuffed sausage in a casing. My mirror confirmed my suspicions. Disappointed and depressed though I was, I was not prepared to let an evening go to waste, no matter the size of my waist: I persevered. With loyalty and love, I relied upon an old favorite, a classic, a friend tried and true that would never betray me so: my black skinny jeans that are mostly spandex it seems like, and a mere toss away from being leggings. Pairing them with a simple white cotton blouse that features a cross-over, pseudo-wrap neckline, I was at once comfortable and still felt glamorous. Perhaps it was the copious sparkling rhinestones.

This top is more than a bit sheer; since I am usually justifiably reluctant to exhibit, a camisole is definitely necessary for the additional support and coverage. The almost wrap-like surplice neckline offers a slight twist to this otherwise basic white tee shirt.

A thin black clutch and two of my favorite bracelets instantly add some feminine details to this simple black and white pairing, Truman Capote dinner party style.

I have not been able to remove these boots from my feet lately; they are warm and comfortable and perfect for hiking up the street to a local sushi joint, braving the wilds of suburban sprawl with its accompanying flora and fauna wonders and terrors.

After a long day, just before a cocktail, my body occasionally convulses into such displays of buffoonery and delight; I have not yet deduced whether this helps with maintaining a young and stress-free spirit, scientifically, but it certainly helps me blow off some steam. Goofiness and gin, the fountains of youth.


  1. LOVIN this outfit! :-) esp the earrings!


  2. huge fan of the bracelets and pretty, pretty smile :)

    xo, nikki

  3. You look absolutely gorgeous! I love those earrings on you also!

  4. Love those earrings <3

  5. An incredible post, I love your shirt. I follow you by GFC and Bloglovin, follow me back? Thanks a lot for your comment in my blog. A big kiss :)

  6. Love the red lips :)
    I just found your blog, now following on on GFC and Bloglovin' :)


  7. Thank sweety! I loved your styel, simple and chic. Would you like to follow each other?