Friday, March 9, 2012

Outfit for a Thursday: Plum and Navy

Yesterday was warm, birds and bugs abounding, so I decided to wear a light-weight cotton navy dress with a deeper navy three-quarter sleeve knit sweater over top. Typically, I pair navy with navy or gray tights; while my mother tried to force the concept of nude hosiery onto me as a young girl, the aesthetic never caught. As I generally had knees covered with bruises from soccer or basketball, and, in actuality, am currently rocking a continent-sized bruise on my calf, this was probably for the better. I had a bit of a dilemma yesterday with locating a pair of navy or gray tights in my myriad collection that were clean and did not recently tear or rip during the daily run-arounds and going-ons of my hectic schedule. With my bruised topography being a bit pained, I wanted to wear comfortable flats; something needed to pull together the grayish taupe and the navy. Plum was the perfect solution.

Early morning soundtrack: "Just Another Diamond Day" Vashti Bunyan


  1. I like the color combination, it's business-y but still fun.

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    Stay Luxury

  3. Beautiful tights!
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