Saturday, March 10, 2012

Casual Friday: French Connection

Strange and contradictory to most of my winter grumblings, I decided to take advantage of the last few days of cold temperatures and wear this thick cowl neck black and white striped sweater from French Connection. Although warm and thick, this sweater is refreshingly not bulky and instead fits to the form and is quite flattering. Paired with a pair of skinny black jeans, the overall effect was casual yet exuded a very sleek elegance; dressing in simple black and white tends to create that atmosphere.

I kept my accessories bold, however, cold and austere, complementing the strict black and white pattern of my sweater.

This vintage bangle always reminds me of something a Grecian goddess born into being during the disco era would wear. Looking upon the inlay of white, a sharp geometric pathway, it now also reminds me a bit of the trail and contorted body created by that very early "snake" computer game.

These impulse purchase shoes, from necessity, back last fall when my boots disemboweled, have actually grown on me a bit; they work well with the shorter, ankle length tight denim.

Saturday morning tea and coffee soundtrack: Le Voyage dans la Lune Air


  1. What a cute stuff! I like everything and the flats are so lovely!:) Kisses!:)

  2. Cute outfit! It's looks so comfy, and the flats definitely add a great accent!

    Following :) Hope you can do the same for me!

  3. Gorgeous look!!
    & I love your blog!


  4. I love the stripes and your shoes are sooo pretty! now following :)

  5. cute!!!