Monday, February 13, 2012

French Braid Lusting

Despite spending the early formative years of my youth untangling knots from the plastic hair of my Barbie dolls, occasionally extracting from the crystalline-like cacophony of hairs a rogue plastic pump, featuring the classic high Barbie arch, or a tooth from the gratuitous purple Barbie comb, I was never able to master the French braid. At the time, I was satisfied with a disheveled ponytail. Now, I look with envy upon other girls, their hair elegantly woven into the iconic structure, and I wish my muscles had the stamina and the memory to learn some new tricks.

Monday evening lazy soundtrack: Tiger's Milk Belle and Sebastian

(image taken from The Pursuit Aesthetic)


  1. SIGH, I seem to lack the skill of French Braiding as well :(

  2. i braid my hair like that all the time. it's so fun and such a flirty looK!

    xo katlin

  3. laura, you should subscribe to this 15-year old's youtube channel. she's a genius with hair -- i found a tutorial on a similar braid :D