Monday, January 16, 2012

Lazy Sunday

(image taken from Ivy Style)

(image taken from Boston Herald)

Yesterday afternoon, in true American fashion, the filmmaker and I spent our hours watching football, imbibing some brews and some tequila too, snacking on unhealthy fried foods and chips, and reveling in the festive atmosphere of a local watering hole. Unlike our compatriots, I decided to forgo the expected uniform of a faux jersey from a favored team, pun intended, for a more preppy and classic look: a green and navy plaid, very warm, accented with pearls and red lips. I am usually a bit more inspired by the fashions associated with rugby, the thick rugged shirts, the tartans, the blazers, the scarves, rather than the shaved, painted chests and plastic colorful beads donned by football fanatics, but, as the sports are close cousins, I believe this is acceptable.

The Baltimore Ravens, a cultural stalwart of my hometown, and the New York Giants, the local icons, were both triumphant, making the afternoon a happy success. I am not emotionally invested in professional football, saving my loyalties for college lacrosse and basketball, generally, but it is enjoyable to relax, watch a game or two, and absorb the positive energy from an impassioned crowd.

Unfortunately, a long and lazy Sunday has one painful and bitter pitfall: rising early for work Monday morning. Today, this was an even greater struggle, knowing that many were still in bed, off for the holiday celebrating and venerating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Already, I have been greeted at work with an old, withered banana, which I had hoped would accompany my yogurt but instead was destined for the trash, and a minute, but noticeable, hole in my cardigan. It will be a long week.


  1. I really dig the styling in that first picture.

    And I like the idea of putting your own spin on sport related dressing. I imagine you looked fabulous.

  2. There is nothing worse than having a great night and then having to get up early for work the next day!