Sunday, January 8, 2012

Friday Fivolities in Purple, Steel, and Teal

Friday evening began innocently enough, as I took my hair down, literally and metaphorically, from the ragged top-knot bun that I had quickly constructed early in the morning and from the stresses of some new projects at the office. Seeing the cascading mane, a wash of brunette and auburn and blonde madness, I could not help but continue to tease and tease until the effect was sufficiently wild and ludicrous. Naturally, my selected soundtrack of ridiculous, though at times almost poetic and profound, of current popular hits, motif of trashy and sexy, inspired even more rigorous hair sculpting and make-up application. I was accompanied by a hastily prepared Tom Collins, which I then realized in a lucid moment was essentially just gin and juice, of the lemon variety, and the filmmaker's adept camera skills.

A series of portraits were taken, at various points along the exuberant dressing and preparation continuum, by my dear filmmaker. I admired his acrobatics, as he was mostly standing upon the ledge of the bathtub while snapping away. As usual, I appear more forlorn and distant than I actually was; such melancholy certainly did not mirror the thumping beats of bad pop music blaring in the background.

My Tom Collins glass doubled quite elegantly as a microphone.

After wearing all black during the week to work, I decided to explore some other areas of the chromatic spectrum, choosing a deep purple kimono-like silk shirt, a steel gray ruched dress that I wore as a skirt, and my teal tights. While a bit bold, perhaps, each of these colors had a jewel tonality, so they assimilated quite well with one another, while maintaining a certain exclamatory statement.

This dress is incredible fitted, which works well with an hourglass figure, and is one of the most flattering and seductive outfits I own; it seemed a bit much, on its own, for grabbing a casual drink, so I throw the purple top over it. This top has wide, sweeping sleeves and ties off the hip; unfortunately, it is completely obscured in all of the images that the filmmaker took, but I actually accented the bow with a vintage rhinestone shoe clip. I have owned the shoe clip for years, never quite knowing what to do with it; recently, I have started affixing it to random bows, on skirts and blouses, or on large bulky sweaters, and discovered it works to pair with nearly anything.

Matching my clutch and my eyeliner was not intentional, and was at first quite bothersome, as I imagine there is some arcane rule somewhere about not doing that; ultimately, obviously, I cared less.

Sunday afternoon laziness soundtrack: Tomboy Panda Bear


  1. Cute shoes!


  2. I love those earrings! What a fantastic addition to this outfit! I also get dressed with pop music blaring, is there anything better then that?

  3. Que linda,
    arrasou no look,

  4. cracked me up ``my tom collins glass ...elegantly as a microphone`` love how you even matched your glass to your top, now that`s style!


  5. I love purple on you!


  6. I love the combination of colors, here!

    -Megan Rose
    Somewhat Stylish

  7. You have some GREAT accessories! Love them, and purple is definitely your color! xo

  8. Thank you for your sweet comment on my engagement post!
    Purple and teal are actually going to be our wedding colors ;) <3

  9. Gorgeous. Love your blog.

    Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot.