Sunday, January 29, 2012

Casual Friday: Cozy Loose Knit

My willingness and patience to tolerate synthetic fabrics from Gap products perpetuates, sustains strong, alas; I really need to block all sale communications from their automaton headquarters vortex entirely. Despite the fact that this sweater will most likely pill and congeal the portions of it that are, indeed, wool after a single cycle in the wash, I do really like the pattern of weave, as well as the mixture of colored threads. A midnight navy blue and a black coexist, intertwine intimately and organically, the chimeric product a tapestry, which evinces the tonal subtleties of the true night sky.

With a loose knit featuring tiny, purposeful embellishment holes scattered across the front, I decided to pair the sweater with a basic cotton white button-down blouse, for a classic deep navy and crisp white look. My dark, fitted denim jeans offered a casual respite to complement the comfortable sweater, to combat the austerity of a collar.

I found these gold woven earrings last weekend; they remind me of coils of rope, wrapped and wrapped to organize the slack. The nautical feel with the rope made these the natural choice for my navy and white outfit.

Though this winter has been relatively mild, especially in comparison to the deluge of snow and sleet from last year, I have found that I have been wearing my rubber rain boots, in lieu of my furry snow boots, a fair amount. Trudging through puddles in these sheaths of nearly impenetrable black is much preferable to ruining suede pumps.

Suede pumps such as these; clearly, the traditionally frowned upon navy and black color combination is a new favorite of mine.

Sunday afternoon coffee soundtrack: Power, Lies, and Corruption New Order


  1. Loving those gorgeous earrings & cute rain boots! :)

    <3 Shawna

  2. really feelin this look, missy mouse.

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  4. Love this combination, and those earrings are perfect :)

  5. I'm so disappointed that it's not snowed at all this winter, although it's getting colder here recently! I love the jumper with the blouse, it looks really chic. I wish I could pull it off but it doesn't suit me, but I love seeing the combination on other people :) xo

  6. Love your boots! You're very stylish i love it :)

    des bisous !

  7. Aww your boots are so adorable ! I have only pair of regular blue ones, but would love to get more - they're the most comfortable & with woolly sock also warmest shoe I know ^^

    Thanks for your comment!
    Do stop by anytime again / follow :> <3 Have a great day!

    - Indie by Heart