Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Casual Friday: Colonel Mustard and Lucite

Last Friday, I stumbled upon a unique look, for me, by pairing two very basic pieces: a silk crew neck sweater, in a deep mustard hue, and a pair of dark wash skinny denim. Well versed in dresses and skirts, I often find myself surprised when I actually wear jeans, both at the aesthetic and the comfort outcome. As a particularly endowed young lady in the chest region, I tend to avoid most crew necks, in favor of a more flattering deep v-neck or boat neck; occasionally, however, the allure of a particular color will grasp hold, firmly. Although it did not ultimately photograph well here, predominantly due to my inability to pose my body in an attractive and showcasing fashion, the fitted cut of this sweater was actually quite appropriate and ideal for highlighting the dramatic display of cascading lucite.

Clearly, I am overjoyed with childish glee; these photographs were taken on Friday afternoon, right after the filmmaker and I retrieved my dear friend Elizabeth from the airport. I have not seen her since graduation, so, spending the evening getting caught up over bottles of wine and plates of luxuriously creamy pasta was simply divine. After spending over a year in Haiti, working at a local medical clinic, she has returned to Ithaca to pursue her doctorate in nutrition; I cannot wait to pay a visit to her and the alma mater this spring.

The weekend was quite a whirlwind, between hosting Elizabeth and attending a bon voyage party in Brooklyn for a pair of university friends, uprooting their lives for a new adventure in Hong Kong. I forgot about these images until today, when, ironically, I committed the gauche move of wearing this same sweater within the same week; thankfully, suburban pawns seem ignorant and disinterested by the ridiculous rules prescribed and perpetuated by fashion.

After spending the summer frolicking about Brooklyn, mingling with chain-smoking, vintage polyester clad hipsters, my mother has embraced fully the glories of the skinny jean. Luckily, I, too, have reaped the benefits of this newly cultivated fascination with contemporary trends: new jeans gifted to me for Christmas, which exude a streamlined fit, without resulting in any blood loss or constriction to the ever crucial feet, ankles, and calves.

I could wear these shoes all day, every day; I should save them for when I am withered and aged, and require orthopedic assistance.

With such a plain, though classic and traditional, outfit, in terms of lines and in terms of color combination, a splash of sparkle truly shines: lucite, pearls, and a large rhinestone.


  1. you are soo sweet! thank you for stopping by and leaving me such a sweet comment :) I'm in love with your necklace! ah! gorgeous. haha and the golden yellow looks divine on you :D

    come see me again!
    - tiana of l'esthetique

  2. lovely color on you sweetheart! great necklace x


  3. Cute outfit, love the clue reference.. perfect!

    ♥ B
    With Love From Michigan

  4. Love your necklace!


  5. The colour of that top is gorgeous! It looks fantastic on you!

  6. This gold is such a pretty color on you!
    xo Josie

  7. Gorgeous necklace! I love your vintage blog banner! =)


  8. i love this outfit, of course. the color, the fit, the simplicity. WORK IT.

  9. gorgeous jewelries. Love your look <3


  10. I love lucite jewelry. This necklace is so pretty. Thanks for your comment!

  11. Love the silk sweater + denim! The necklace is the perfect final complement too :)

  12. love the mustard sweater with the statement necklace! very chic!

    love from San Francisco,

  13. i definitely need a mustard sweater! cute!

  14. The lucite necklace is the perfect touch!!

  15. Love the accessories and mustard top. I can never wear that color but would love to. Love the color combination.


  16. Great job pairing the outfit with that necklace. I'm loving it.

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  17. I go through the same situation with tops. Although I don't mind crew necks, I try to stick to V-necks as I feel they are more flattering to my body. Great color, by the way! - Carla


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  20. Love the colour of the top & the necklace is gorgeous! <3

  21. Love that necklace!!!

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  22. great outfit I LOVE the necklace sooo pretty!

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  24. That statement necklace is quite lovely and you also look lovely in that mustard sweater!

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  28. That necklace is stunning...very cute look! Thank you for the comment on my blog!! xoxo

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