Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tis the Season

Between catching up in the office from my brief Thanksgiving sojourn and then rushing off to Dublin for business, I have barely had a moment to appreciate the beginning of the Christmas season. After my return, having endured the claustrophobic tedium of my flight, I bought some egg nog from Ronnybrook Farms, in upstate New York, at the grocery store, to be accompanied by some bourbon. Unfortunately, a frantic schedule has impeded my plans to decorate my little artificial Christmas tree, as well as postponed my gift shopping; fortunately, an egg nog cocktail is an immediate and satisfying way to infuse some festive cheer into even the busiest of days. I have a feeling I will be imbibing quite a few as a rich liquid dessert, served with some Vince Guaraldi, from now until Christmas Day.


  1. I've never tried an egg nog cocktail ebfore but I really want to! Good luck with decorating the tree and buying christmas gifts! xo

  2. awesome! loving your blog, so keep it up and i'll be back!


  3. very very cool :D


  4. i actually had eggnog this weekend with mccarl. his was not as fancy, however.

  5. Looks tasty!

    Just found you blog! It's great! Following :))

    Stop by - Where are my keys?

  6. So early for eggnog! I really only drink a small amount on Christmas day typically, but I bet this one is tastier than the typical grocery store carton.