Friday, December 30, 2011

Styling for Baby

This year, with Winona still being so young and small, my sister Elizabeth and the family were not able to travel south to Baltimore to celebrate Christmas, so, my parents, brother, and I spent the weekend before Christmas in New York. Winona is still too neurally and cognitively fresh to completely remember that her limbs can move in all sorts of directions, let alone comprehend the fantastical and well orchestrated concept of a jolly, fat man who gives all good children presents. Needless to say, she did not mind that we opened all of her presents for her, before veritable Christmas Day.

Being so young and so adorable, with little opportunity to get herself into too much trouble, naturally, I spoiled baby Winnie for being such a good girl. Thankfully, I do not have major school loans or credit card debt, however, after stepping foot in the baby and infant departments of some major stores, I have immediately realized how slippery the slope could potentially be. Everything is tiny and charming and relatively reasonably priced, until you have arms stuffed with clothing and socks and small shoes that probably amasses to thousands of dollars. Choices must be made, items gleaned and edited; I think I bought some great pieces, and I know Elizabeth and David were quite pleased with the results.

Egg nog cocktails are essentially adult milk, so, in honor of Winona as well as the season, we all imbibed.

With sheer glee, the sharp, acute anticipation from the earlier years of childhood once again surfacing to the pads of her fingers, Elizabeth tore open the beautifully wrapped presents. Important to note, the filmmaker applied his delicate skills to actually wrapping the presents, for which I am eternally grateful; he constantly mocks me for being able to impeccable fold clothes, but totally inept at folding paper neatly.

Tiny Santa Claus foot slippers on red pants, a little red and white striped onesie top; Winona looks beyond darling in this. I hope it is not considered too passé in January.

In the spring, once Winona gains some weight and length, this red and plaid Scottie dog jumper will be perfect.

A light weight polka dot and floral sleeper for the warmer months later in spring.

Six month size white baby onesies, an absolute dire necessity.

Already, Winnie owns a bunch of onesies featuring monkeys; they are a particular favorite motif for our family.

Elizabeth certainly does love baby girl.

For a normal, full grown adult, socks are one of the most boring, uninspired presents; for tiny babies, socks are just delicious.

Hippity, hoppity, bouncing frogs.

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