Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Santa Baby....

As a new and exhausted but perpetually elated mother, my sister Elizabeth definitely deserves some pampering this Christmas season. Unfortunately, my current salary does not permit me the funds to supply so luxurious a gift; over 1,000$ is out of my current decadently meager means. This caramel cognac leather motorcycle jacket can be found at the always lust-inducing Billy Reid. Elizabeth has the feminine sensibility and sufficient sass to wear this type of beautifully worked leather jacket with a frilly cocktail dress and red lips, or a pair of tightly fitted jeans and a crisp white blouse.

Once Pandora's box was opened with a flourish, I could not help but peruse the Billy Reid wares for my own unlikely but utterly desirable gift. Chocolate brown tailored leather shorts for 400$, while less exorbitant than the jacket, are still cruelly unattainable, even though I have been an exceptional girl this year.

(images taken from Billy Reid)


  1. YOU ARE KILLING ME. reading this post was like getting stabbed with a little tiny knife. OVER AND OVER.

  2. omy. those belong on my list to Santa too! So beautiful!

  3. That leather jacket is amazing. Looks so soft.


  4. mom keeps asking me what i want for christmas. i feel like an $POILED A$$HOLE asking for this. she asked me again today, and i was like, "oh, you know. your presence are my presents." sigh.

  5. Love the jacket!

  6. oooOooOo! Love that leather jacket!