Friday, December 23, 2011

Outfit for a Tuesday: Poppy, Gold, and Navy

Between finishing up the loose ends of a few projects at work, as quickly and painlessly as possible, threatening my own life by driving south on the New Jersey Turnpike so close to so many family holidays, and a broken data card reader, playing around with silly pictures of myself and showcasing my inability to capture photographs of my outfits appropriately has been in a bit of a lull. Once again, however, I put my own life at risk earlier this afternoon, venturing out on the road for some last minute gift purchasing, and for a new card reader. It was gruesome, but, ultimately, fruitful and successful.

These navy blue leather Ralph Lauren pumps have essentially become my favorite shoes; although navy is slowly but assuredly, almost, surpassing black as the neutral of choice in my wardrobe, it has not yet prevailed, and I am lamenting that I do not have even more occasions and opportunities to don these beauties. I anticipate some choice selections late in the spring, in warmer months, paired with my favorite cream pants and cream suits.

Poppy red, gold, and navy proved to be an ideal color combination, one that fortunately and exquisitely could exhibit my new shoes. I found this J. Crew poppy red, or Nantucket red, if you are so socioeconomically inclined, wool skirt at a local consignment shop, probably about 7 or 8$. My sister and I discussed some of our torn feelings concerning J. Crew the other day; while I generally adore the aesthetics, I usually cannot quite stomach the price, though, for classic basics, it is often worth it. Some of their cardigans and blazers and skirts, while gorgeous, are in fact not unique and are immediately recognizable; I despise feeling so contrived. Wool skirts have always been a winter staple for me, especially now that I spend my time roaming between cubicles in an office, so it is a treasure to find one in such a thrilling color for such a satisfyingly low price.

I have owned this cowl neck gold metallic sweater from Michael Kors for a couple of seasons now; while I try to avoid wearing it as a hackneyed holiday sweater, invariably, it emerges during or close to times of celebration. Initially, gold metallic with a bright poppy red seemed a bit much, but I found they complemented one another well, with the deep navy serving as a strong foundation.

Pearl bracelet and pearls encased in a navy and gold setting to complete my northeast vacationing John Cheever-sculpted housewife meets consignment treasure fiend look.


  1. Like the colors and the materials!

    Merry Christmas

  2. Really nice colour combi!

  3. love the sparkles!


  4. nice skirt color :)

    Merry Christmas! God Bless :)

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