Thursday, December 22, 2011

Baby's First Christmas

For Christmas this year, I gave my beautiful baby niece an army of adorable outfits, ranging from infant to six month sizes; though she received them graciously with a toothless smile, admittedly, at this age the presents are more for my sister and her husband. They both were pleased to have a few clothing options for her in the coming months, as she already is growing rapidly and changing a bit every day. While perusing the infant and toddler section of the Century 21 Department Store, it was difficult to show any type of restraint when it comes to editing; I started off grabbing nearly every onesie and jumper off the rack, ravenous with excitement at how minute and precious everything was. Soon, some non-hormonal, more rational neurotransmitters seeped into my brain, allowing me to understand that while spending hundreds of dollars would be much appreciated, it may be perceived as a bit foolish and frivolous.

In a popular culture era where the children of celebrities, through association and the heredity of wealth, are equally idolized and worshiped as their gilded parents, I cannot help but think about how fascinating the sophistication of modern children's clothing. Though designer made, or even inspired, pieces remain predominantly exclusive, to those of a socioeconomic strata, increasingly even massively produced clothing chain items for little girls and little boys emulate the very trends flaunted by either their parents, or their aunts and uncles. Some styles are obviously and ludicrously too mature, looking simultaneously disturbing and comically absurd on small children. The above glittered metallic shift, paired with tight leggings, while elegant and sleek, is also just utterly darling when scaled down to fit the little blonde girl. I suppose my niece Winona will be spoiled to an even greater extent in the years to come.

(image taken from That Kind of Woman)

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